Misty Slopes

Contact us with whatever problem you have, we can fix anything from a puncture to broken suspension.

A check over and adjustment to make sure the bike is working properly with a chain lubrication is 10 euros.


Bronze 25 euros

  • Chain wear check

  • Wheel bearings inspected and adjusted

  • Gear cable tension adjusted

  • Gear limits adjusted

  • Brakes adjusted

  • Headset checked and adjusted

  • Bottom bracket checked and adjusted

  • Tyres pumped up to recommended PSI

  • Control points checked and adjusted

  • Drivetrain lubricated with plant based oil


Silver 50 euros (bronze plus below)

  • Wheel true

  • Derailleur hanger alignment

  • Drivetrain degrease

Gold 75 euros (Bronze and Silver plus below)

  • Wheel check radially and laterally 

  • Wheel bearing degreased and repacked

  • Pivot points lubricated

  • Headset degreased and repacked

  • Bottom bracket degreased and repacked

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